Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name | BB 11 Winner | Winner of Bigg Boss Season 11 Prize Money, Finale

By | January 14, 2018

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name, Final Winner Name of Season 11 – 2018 & All Seasons Winners

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name, Prize Money, Finale Held on 14th January 2018

Know about Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name, Final Winner Name of season 11 and all previous Bigg Boss Season winner names including season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Bigg Boss 11 Winner.

(Inside News) Winner of Bigg Boss Season 11 Name Revealed (Updated on 14th Jan)

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name Declared-Finale Result-Who Win BB11

Well we are all finalists are deserving BB11 Winner Trophy because they all play very well and reached in Bigg Boss Season 11 Grand Finale. Now the time to know Who Won Bigg Boss 11 Trophy? If we talk about Prediction Result of BB11 Finale Sunday 14 January 2018 Winner then we can say Shilpa shinde is winner

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2017, 1st Runner-Up, 2nd Runner-Up, 3rd Runner Up:

Bigg Boss 11 Winner: Shilpa shinde

Bigg Boss 11 1st Runner Up :- Hina khan

Bigg Boss 11 2nd Runner Up :- Vikash gupta

Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale: Shilpa Shinde Defeats Hina Khan, Wins BB11 Trophy

The winner of Bigg Boss season 11 has been declared and it’s none other than Shilpa Shinde. Former Babhiji Ghar Par Hain actor gave tough competition to Hina Khan and the two were going neck to neck in the finale race. However, at the end it was Shilpa who walked away with the trophy. Puneesh Sharma was the first to get evicted from the show after his parents entered the house to escort him out as the Delhi boy received the least number of votes. Soon after his elimination, actor Akshay Kumar revealed that Vikas Gupta is the second runner up of the Bigg Boss season 11.

This is the end of Bigg Boss 11.

Just a few minutes to go for the announcement of the winner. Both the girls are making their way to the main stage with Salman Khan.

Audiences are going to get another chance to vote, as voting lines have been opened for some time to vote live. It’s between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde, for the winner.

Akshay Kumar announces that Vikas Gupta has been eliminated and will leave the Bigg Boss house.

Hina and Shilpa are the top two finalists!

Each finalist has a standee with there photo in front of them. The person whose buzzer Akshay Kumar presses, will be the first finalist.

Our sources have revealed that Hina Khan may be the first finalist.

Akshay Kumar is going to announce the Top 2 among the finalists. He is entering the house now to give the news to the contestants.

Akshay Kumar enters the Bigg Boss 11 set on a cycle with Salman Khan, to promote his film Padman.

This is followed by a performance by Puneesh and Bandgi.

The entertainment part of the night starts with a performance between Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani. The winner announcement is almost an hour away.

The wikipedia page of Shilpa Shinde has already announced her the winner.

Salman Khan reveals to the top four that the person who’s parents enter the house will be out of the race.

At that moment, Puneesh Sharma’s parents enter the house and it is revealed, that Puneesh Sharma is the first contestant to be eliminated.

Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan are the top three.

Is Vikas going to take the briefcase and leave?

Our sources from the Bigg Boss house have revealed that they will start LIVE voting for the winner of the show, right now. This live voting is the first of its kind, and an impromptu decision. The votes could turn in anyone’s favour.

Akash Dadlani (tries to) rap to the famous song Paintra from Mukkabaaz.

Hiten tells Salman that he sees himself in place of Puneesh, who retorts with “thanks, par main yaheen theek hoon (I’m good here)”

Arshi tells Salman Khan that Dhinchak Pooja can neither sing, nor play a reality show, and yet the audiences love her.

(Her words, not ours)

Rs 44 lakhs is the prize money of the show.

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta have revealed to Salman Khan that they are doing a web series together after getting out of the show.

From Drashti Dami to Rohan Mehra and Gauri Pradhan, telly celebrities are talking about their favourite contestants

Salman Khan chats with Akash Dadlani (by which we mean, pulls his leg), Luv Sinha and Priyank Sharma.

Hina and Salman shake a leg to Swag se Swagat.

And the show begins with a blockbuster performance of Salman Khan, to his most current hit of the season, Swag Se Swagat.

He introduces the contestants, who shake a leg with him.

Vikas Gupta is wearing a black shimmery tuxedo, Shilpa is weaing a golden gown, Hina a maroon gown and Puneesh a red suit.

We have just heard that the winner’s announcement and the build up to the final moment of the Bigg Boss 11 FINALE will be shot LIVE. Don’t believe rumours!

Whereas, various online polls have already announced Shilpa Shinde the winner. It’s going to be a close call!

According to various sources and rumours, the final two are most likely to be Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.

[Updated]: Check out Bigg Boss Season 11 Winner  name 2018. As we all know that, this is the 11th season of Bigg Boss show and for which so many viewers are getting so much excited to know about the Bigg Boss 11 winner. It is the time when the Bigg Boss 11 finale week is about to come. This time, four contestants are nominated and they are going to the mall in Mumbai just o ask for the votes of the people who will present in the mall that time. Apart from this, the Colors TV Channel show Bigg Boss 11 winner name for 2018 season along with runner-up name will be announced online in the BB11 grand finale episode which will be held on 14th January 2018.

Before we do proceed with the winners list of bigg boss of all seasons would like to give you short information about the show, I know it could become little lengthier but if you know about it just skip it and read only the winners name year wise. No doubt that Bigg Boss is one of the biggest and most popular reality tv show of India but did you know the format of the show is taken from the Netherlands reality show “Big Brothers”. The first season of Bigg Boss was aired in 2006 which was hosted by the Bollywood actor Arshad Warshi.

As you are big fan of the show you already know about the format of the show as few contestants who known as “housemates” live in a custom built house for a specific time of period and they isolated from the outside of the world and they can’t contact anyone and also they can’t use electronic device to contact people. All the housemates are constantly monitored by the camera and overseen by a mysterious person we all know him as a “Bigg Boss” whose only presence in the house via his voice.

Are you getting excited to find out the Bigg Boss 11 winner name leaked? As everybody’s knowledge says that it is one of the controversial and disputed Colors  TV Channel reality show which is known as Bigg Boss 11. This Bigg Boss 11 show introduced so many new personalities/faces on an Indian Television plus commoners also. In the last season plus this current season, commoners also join the celebrities too. This is a show which mostly comes back every year and brings more twists and turns. All the people who are coming to this show as a contender, they belong to the field of entertainment, modeling, acting, and Film Industry. This is all about the celebs. But if we talk about the rest commoners then they are an ordinary people who become a celebrity after to join this show. Finally, the Celebrities and Commoners will join together and then gets to lock in Bigg Boss 11 house. They are completely disconnected from the outer world like they don’t have any cell phone, Internet facility, no letter, nothing at all.

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name 2018: BB 11 Winner, & bigg boss 11 winning Prize Money Details:

Bigg Boss show may start in the month of October every year and will end up in January. The duration of this show is about 3 months and in these 3 months, we come to know that which one celebrity or commoner is having a potential or ability to complete rest all contenders. These three months furnish or polish out the main face who becomes the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Around 70% of the people are the fan of this show who takes out their precious time just to watch out the Bigg Boss 11 show on Colors TV channel. Below is the list of all Bigg Boss 11 celebrity/common people contestants of Bigg Boss 11 house.

Who Won BB Season 11? | Winner of Bigg Boss 11 Being locked inside the bigg boss 11 house also known as bb11 for more than 104 days with 18 contestants, this time has come when we the Indians can declared Bigg Boss season 11 winner 2018. Big boss 11 is most entertaining reality show as it has the super star, the handsome hunk Salman Khan as the host. According to our source, we don’t have to predict anymore the bigg boss 11 winner as Shilpa Shinde has won the BB 11 title who is also the Bhabhiji has also won the Bigg Boss season 11 2018. Also we had taken the survey in many cities where 60-75 % people are supporting Hina khan and 55-65% people were supporting Shilpa shinde will be coming as runner up of bigg boss 11. According to us SHilpa shinde will be winning the Bigg boss 11 but still we can’t say yet has its not officially announced yet. Anything thing can be happen in this last 2 days. The makers of Bigg boss 11 may change the winner to HINA KHAN win this season and can show that a common people can also win bigg boss title. We will be conforming the bigg boss 10 winner news 1 day before the finale day means on SUNDAY. For now, it a good news for the supporters of Shilpa shinde that ANGOORI BHABHI will be winner of Bigg boss season 11. Let’s see below about price money which will be getting for bigg boss 11 winner.
Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name, BB11 Winner Name, बिग्ग बॉस ११ विनर नाम: बिग बॉस सीजन 11
Puneesh Sharma- Becomes the first finalist contestant of Bigg Boss 11 show

Now only six contestants are left in the house:

  1. Hina Khan (Nominated Bigg Boss week 13)
  2. Akash Dadlani (safe for Bigg Boss week 13)
  3. Puneesh Sharma First Finalist Contestant of Bigg Boss 11. 
  4. Luv Tyagi (nominated for Bigg Boss week 13)
  5. Shilpa Shinde (nominated Bigg Boss week 13)
  6. Vikas Gupta (nominated Bigg Boss week 13)

Bigg Boss 11 Season Winner Prediction | BB 11 Winner Name

  1. Hina khan :- 30% Chances
  2. Shilpa shinde : 40 % chances
  3. puneesh sharma 30% chances
Winner of bigg boss season 11 will be announced by Dabangg Sultan star Salman Khan on this Sunday on Colors Channel. The bigg boss winner season 11 2018 will take home the winning trophy and prize money of Rs 50 lacs + 14 Lakhs for 14 weeks= 64 Lakhs. Also if you are looking for bigg boss season 11 winner prediction then have a look below. According to the sources, the big boss season 11 winner name will be declared after the online voting’s. As we know that only a few days are reaming to declare the bigg boss 11 finalist name on the grand announcement of winner name of bigg boss 11 on BB11 finale.

Here we are going to give a complete list of the Bigg Boss 11 contestants. Out of which, one will become the Bigg Boss 11 winner 2017.

Mehjabi Siddiqui, Bandgi Kalra , Lucinda Nicholas , Luv Tyagi , Puneesh Sharma, Sabyasachi Satpathy , Anil Akash Dadlani, Sshivani Durgah, Benafsha Soonawalla , Jyoti Kumari, Hiten Tejwani, Vikash Gupta, Zubair Khan, Sapna Choudhary, Priyank Sharma , Arshi Khan, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Dhinchak Pooja (Wild Card Entry)

Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale date: 

The Colors TV show Bigg Boss 11 grand finale will be going to help on 14th January 2018. 

You can watch Live on colors tv in HD and in SD on tata sky, airtel tv, dishtv, doordarshan dth, cable channels, jio tv, voot app, ditto tv app, hotstar app etc.

Bigg Boss 11 Prize Money Details 2017:

Bigg Boss 11 winner in the house will also get a handsome prize money as Bigg Boss 11 Prize money and that is 51 lakh. But let see how will Bigg Boss manage this money whether he will use this money in some tasks or not. If no, then the prize money will be fixed and that is, 51 lakhs. But if Bigg Boss uses this money in some tasks then maybe it will cut down just like a Bigg Boss 10th season then it will depend on the game completely.

Here is the list of all the winners of all the seasons of Bigg Boss:

Bigg Boss 1 Winner Rahul Roy
Bigg Boss 2 Winner Ashutosh Kaushik
Bigg Boss 3 Winner Vindu Dara Singh
Bigg Boss 4 Winner Shweta Tiwari
Bigg Boss 5 Winner Juhi Parmar
Bigg Boss 6 Winner Urvashi Dholakia
Bigg Boss 7 Winner 2014 Gauhar Khan
Bigg Boss 8 Winner 2015 Gautam Gulati
Bigg Boss 9 Winner 2016 Prince Narula
Bigg Boss 10 Winner 2017 Manveer Gurjar
Bigg Boss 11 Winner 2018
Updated Soon

At last we are predicting that bb11 winner name and according to the survey we have reached to the final decision that Shilpa shinde will win bigg boss 11, but on other hands Hina is also came forward as the strongest competitor. So it would be extremely exciting to watch the last episode of bb season 11 to know who has won the bb10 season. Winner of Bigg Boss 11 Finalist and Runner Up Name Bigg Boss 11 is a 3 month long reality show which is considered as the best small screen show is coming up to an end and bigg boss 11 finale date is 14th of January, 2018 which is this coming Saturday night. Bigg boss season 11 finale is going to be a grand event as only few days are reaming for bigg boss 11 grand finale winner to be announced. The entire India including the world wants know that who will emerge as bigg boss season 11 final winner name . it would be exciting to watch who will win big boss season 11 2018 . Let us know who you people think would be the expected winner of Bigg Boss 11. . It is reported that bigg boss 11 winner leaked and it is predicted that Shilpa shinde  is going to win the show and bigg boss 11 second (2nd) winner / runner up will be Hina khan. Bigg boss season 11 finalists are Hina khan, luv tyagi, vikash gupta, shilpa shinde, puneesh sharma, akash dadlani .

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  1. Zeekay zahida khan

    B Mei na Hony say signal mill gaya k life is always moving on don’t wait right …it’s ok …
    Shilpa is a strong and cofident about winning and hope for shilpa …bb Mei do he to log hain shilpa and luve …Hinna so so baki sab just so so …our aik leader Salman khan …

  2. Zeekay zahida khan

    B/Mei na Hony say signal mill gaya k life is always moving on don’t wait right??? …it’s ok …
    Shilpa is a strong and cofident about winning and hope for shilpa …bb Mei do he to log hain shilpa and luve …Hinna so so baki sab just so so …our aik leader Salman khan …

  3. raj

    shilpa is sober and decentely playing game and she did not ditch. If she wins this game it will be great episode of this season big boss.
    Most dicher Heena Khan was My favorite candidate.Heena Khan before but Most dirty character I feel is Heena Khan now. I feel that Hena khan is not having any ethics and she is of nobody and changes statement very frequently and very egoistic and She is lier eager to win the game at any cost . The way she is behaving is disgusting and she can trap any one in the game. Such character every body should be beware…………..

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    Hena khan who did not spare even Priyank Sharma and Shilpa Who was supporting her right from the beginning. why she will spare you ????????
    The Character and emotions of Salman Khan is very innocent and he never support any one. Such patriotic people are great help for nation.

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    Am a hardcore fan of Big boss but this time I didn’t found the series 11 is genuine,It look like winner is already fixed…….how???…..first- as per the 14th nomination voting poll it shows Lov tygi’s percentage was 25.77 then how he eliminated and if it depends on the voting done by ballet papers then why you put it on normal voting…. second- How come Puneesh Sharma is in final five without giving anything to show except some hanky Panky things with Bandagi Kalra…….????????????

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    Please Sab log shilpa Ko jyda se jyda vote kariye.


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    Shilpa can be the winner bcz india votes for simple and sober looking girls….. but HINA KHAN survived like a warrior ! She stood for right gave tough competetion in tasks and played on her own will not like shilpa who always depended on others! It was all bcz of hina that love got fame as she saved him many times! So support HINA!



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    Sabase gandi he shilpa shinde ………… Hina का cup kaisa fhoda……………… Bhot gandi he………. Hina से bhahot zalati he

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    Hina .. my akasara i love u i m big fan of u.. u WL win , i wnt 2 see in top ..
    As i wnt to see win. All day &n8 im praying fr u.. love u.. i wish i cn meet u ..hina WL b winner..
    U r frndship chain omg u r inspiration to india.. what is the meaning of friends.. lv u all

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    and I think Shilpa had done it to give her a strong answer that she gave 100℅in every task….
    thank you bigg boss ,season 11was lovely… I loved it…
    plz everyone vote for Shilpa…

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    This stage every contestant are winer because all contestant are well play then all are cross 14th week.
    Thanks all of you.🥇🥇


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